C4[2] and Iron Coder

I am back from the C4[2] conference and I can’t help but smile. None of my co-workers have any clue what I just went through this last few days. But as go back to work on this clunky PC and I stare at IE7 once again, I can’t help but smile. I smile because I am now aware that I do belong to such a wonderful community. It is so inspiring to meet all the incredible people at the conference, to listen to the talks, to reconnect with friends, and yes, to hack away for the Iron Coder. I am truly blessed to belong to such a community and I wear my smile with pride.

As for the Iron Coder competition: What a blast that was! I was so nervous giving my presentation. I still can’t believe that it was so well received. My jokes actually worked! (Who knew!?) A bunch of people came to me later to congratulate me and I want to thank them all. It is such an otherworldly experience, I am truly not worthy. I am still at awe at all the entries. I mean, nu on an iPhone! Wii controllers picking up an iPhone and drawing accidental mustaches! I know that Joe banged out his entry in the two day at the conference! I am truly humbled by the amount of talent these people bring to the table. And the prizes! Somehow my jokes managed to get my little “tip calculator” into second place, and what a place it is! The generosity of the prize donor is baffling. I really find that not getting the MacBook Air is almost inconsequential; the software loot is really THAT good already!

I want to thank Rob Rhyme. He is a fellow DC area NSCoder Night regular and we shared a room at the conference. When he heard of my little entry, he jumped in and took over the whole server portion of the app. During the conference he hacked up a Ruby on Rails app to track all the agents and villains. He went out of his way to make it into a totally slick iPhone app looking site. He even went nuts creating all the villains and acquiring all the avatars and what not. I was only aspiring to have a little list of text coming from the server; he turned it into a whole app onto itself. Thank you Capt. Taco! I salute you!

Finally thanks to Wolf. He is definitely THE Man!!! The conference rocked and it was totally smooth. It will take a couple of weeks of diet to compensate for all the delicious food. The Pizza blew my mind. Wow, what can I say that has not been said already about him? In my mind, he has taken the very best aspects of the WWDC conferences and concentrated them into a perfect experience. Everything, from the size of the conference, the nature of the talks, the bashes, the food, everything is conducive to fostering the community and making us all feel like we belong. Being the weird Mac guy at work, this feeling of belonging is invaluable. I now know what the ugly duckling felt like when he discovered he was a swan.

I do not mean to impose on you personal beliefs, but I do feel compelled to thank the Lord for such plentiful blessings.

Thanks all for a great time and keep on smiling!

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8 Comments on “C4[2] and Iron Coder”

  1. Thanks for showing us your entry!

    The “I’m actually a secret agent” bit was hilarious.

  2. Brad Larson Says:

    Not having gone to last year’s C4, I had no idea that we’d see the kind of quality we did. It’s a shame a few people had to catch flights and leave early, because they missed a great show. Maybe I’ll try an entry next year, just for the fun of it.

    Personally, my favorite part was when you flashed your “secret decoder notes” on the screen. Hilarious.

  3. Funny thing is, I never planned that to be funny. I just expected to forget everything in the moment on account of my nerves. I don’t know what made me put the notes under the camera but was surprised by the reaction!
    Something similar happened with the “tap 99” bit. I just hacked something easy to parse to go into the secret mode, and I just did 0.99 as common price point that would not raise suspision. It was not until later that I realized that I could fit that in as a joke and when actually saw the initial reaction, I just ran with it.

  4. Victoria Says:


    Oh, want to officially thank you for critiquing the circuit diagram – if interpreted strictly as a computer circuit you are right. I was twisting the language of it a bit, but I guess that’s not a good move for such a geeky conference ^___^

  5. At least I refrained from mentioning that NOR gates saved even more transistors. But I think that would have been a little TOO geeky, even for this conference.

    The shirts are great tho! It’s been fun trying to figure out what mean.

  6. Your entry was great! Highly entertaining presentation too.

    See you soon.

  7. I was wowed by your performance. I was thinking – wow Jose has been keeping his comedic self hidden! Yea blessings are good! Kind of amazing what happens when you get all these Mac and iPhone devs together in one place, huh? It brings new meaning to the phrase “the whole is greater than the parts.”

    It was fun figuring out how to do the tip calculator “displays” back up in our hotel room with you and also optimizing the t-shirt. I still have some of the git explanations on napkins.

    BTW, thanks also for being the hand model for the limited edition “How to do the Wolf-Rentzsch” t-shirt.:)

  8. […] Jose on the other hand, studied the t-shirt, analyzed the logic and found an optimization.  Gotta love the geekiness in that. […]

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